Popular Makeup Brands – Knowledge Of The Yue poetry Powder

Yue poetry is a Japanese and Korean makeup, this popular makeup brands in the effect is very good, very popular with girls. So what do you know about this popular makeup brands?
Yue poetry wind powder is also very famous, the following small editor to introduce to you this best makeup brands related knowledge.

Popular Makeup Brands  - Knowledge Of The Pleasure Style Powder

I. Introduction of various color features of Yue poetry wind powder:

1, green:

Mint powder texture white transparent, face without any color, no concealing, oil-controlled makeup, makeup-sensitive matte, usually wipe a bb cream will use this loose powder.

2, white-bottomed pink:

There is brightening function, decorated dull, powder slightly pink with pearl, no concealer, bright skin tone, makeup sense matte in the light, I usually do not like matte powder, but some pearllight powder special light is very false, this pearllight hit up very natural.There are two other powders that correct skin tone, green powder is decorated red, purple powder is decorated yellow.

3, white background green:

Concealing function of loose powder, powder is meat-colored, face has a certain concealer, but sisters do not expect to use loose powder these can cover what, there are blemishes or rely on foundation and professional concealer, make-up matte, this general use is relatively small.

4, purple:

Decorated yellow, purple powder suitable for yellowing, dark people use, after painting will appear white skin some, look better.When there are dark circles, you can also brush the eye area, which can effectively dilute the dark circles.

Popular Makeup Brands  - Knowledge Of The Pleasure Style Powder

II. Powder selection tips:

Powder is usually used at the last step of make-up to adjust your skin tone by choosing the color that suits you.

Choosing the right color will make your skin look more permeable, and makeup to look more refined or very good. Purple powder is more suitable for the decoration of yellowing skin state, for the skin is more yellow students or very friendly.

Sweet orange smodel is more suitable for decorating dull and glossy skin, after the use of skin immediately through a lot of become shiny up. Green powder is suitable for people with red blood skin red to use, can be a good cover for red blood silk and acne skin has inflammatory problems in the population.
The porous powder texture design does not easily condense sweat, but also can achieve an effective oil control to converge the skin effect, help us to create a dry and light makeup.

The above is a small editor to introduce to you the various color features of the poetry wind powder introduction and powder selection skills, I hope the above Nell content for you to buy the best popular makeup brands can help. earlwentz.com

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

Today we talk about popular makeup brands SK-II fairy water bar, is to go to Japan must buy products, must buy, must buy all said have not used SK-II fairy water has not used SK-II, can be seen is how powerful – if over 30, must give yourself the whole fairy water can afford themselves! This product, which is called fairy water by its lovers, is the first product of SK-II, which was born in 1980 and has been 31 years old.

In 31 years, the main formula of “Fairy Water” has never changed, but has maintained the “town treasure position”, the global average every minute there are 2 bottles of “Fairy Water” for sale, can be said to create a myth in the nursing industry! SK-II was founded as a skin care product of the Max Factor Group, founded by Mr. MR. MR. MAX Factor, and Mr. Max Factor continues to improve, innovate and continuously introduce new products.

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

1975: Japanese scientist Yoshii Long and others began research and development of Pitera (SK-II core component);

1980: The Max Factor Group acquired the Pitera formula in the same year and commercialized it, officially offering a product called “Secret Key To Skin” (The Beauty Key);

After the second generation of products on the market, in order to facilitate the public memory changed its name to the abbreviation “SK-II”, after the SK-II brand was acquired by Procter and Gamble, SK-II brand name has also been used to date;

SK-II has won over elites from all walks of life, including well-known entertainers, top models and make-up artists, by recreating crystal clear skin.
The whole bottle contains up to 90.7% of the Pitera essence, from the skin’s fundamental start, to lay a good foundation for the skin, help improve the skin’s natural physiological role, play Pitera’s magical repair power, so that the face problems miraculously fade, the skin becomes more and more detailed.
The experience of three months of fairy water is, usually the face acne closed mouth all no, but also white bright, to the physiological period of the face dark, fairy water can not hold the physiological pox, the heart almost collapsed to no, and in the days without start using fairy water I almost do not care.

Once again express my love for fairy water Three days put my year’s helpless acne print down and concluded that within the economic capacity of the right skin skin care is really the more expensive the better.


1, feel this is suitable for summer;

2, is really can improve the secretion of water oil, so that the skin full;

3, winter with the feeling will be dry, oil skin can also be used;

4, I think, the effect of dressing than the beat is good;

5, skunk smell really not small.

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

But still that sentence, I am suitable for you not necessarily suitable for – everyone has money can try. We know that sk2’s most famous ingredient is pitera, can not be synthesized, must be fermented under certain conditions purified products, so there will be such a fermented saliva taste ah, look at her excellent effect on this is not worth one, mention, a bottle of fairy water contains more than 90% of the pitera essence, Official how to say no matter, my personal feeling is to use fairy water, after absorbing things faster, more quality, with whitening essence effect can be doubled, with moisturizing essence is the same truth, for the adjustment of skin color is not uniform, remove the old waste, eliminate small small closed mouth is absolutely the choice of her later to improve the naked eye can be seen
, the delicateness of the skin, the sense of luster, day by day in the improvement!

This best makeup brands is very popular. I hope the above content introduces you to be able to like. earlwentz.com

Introduction Of Popular Makeup Brand – Estee Lauder Face Cream

With the pursuit of beauty, people like to pay much attention to buying popular makeup brands, and the best popular makeup brands are strongly supported by people.
Estee lauder face cream this kind of popular makeup brands are divided into several series for different functions, there are freckle-whitening, firming anti-aging and other products, so which is good estee lauder face cream?

Introduction Of Popular Makeup brand - estee lauder face cream

Estee lauder face cream which is good

  1. The first one is estee lauder’s whitening and light-spot cream. The main effect of this cream is clear, whitening and light-spot. I have sunburn on my cheeks. After using this cream, I feel my face is white and the spots are light. I can say the effect is good. I like the flavor of this one very much. It is light gardenia flowers.
  2. The second is the classic red pomegranate cream. This cream is designed to remove the yellow color and smell good. After all, it was the first red pomegranate face cream.
  3. The third one is the multi-effect jiyan essence cream, which has been popular for a long time. Its main function is restoration. I usually use it to repair my skin after sun exposure. The effect was immediate. It’s super hydrating.

In a word, the above three are not bad, you can choose the most suitable for yourself according to the efficacy you need.

Estee lauder cream multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream is the best. Estee lauder is divided into seven series, in addition to the star little brown bottle, other each series has a corresponding creams, and estee lauder’s new multi-effect ara essence nourishing cream is before multi-effect ara cream upgrade, so also is a total of seven kinds of creams, recognizing the estee lauder multi-effect ara essence nourishing cream, estee lauder elastic tight smooth soft skin frost, estee lauder, youth anti-wrinkle moist frost, elegant shi landai multi-effect ara essence cream, estee LanDaiJing through this white light spot lip cream, estee lauder, supple moisturizers and estee lauder fresh bright night cream.

Introduction Of Popular Makeup brand - estee lauder face cream

Estee lauder multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream has good ingredients.

Estee lauder multi-effect chi yan moisturizing cream contains whey protein, ergothiogen and cucumber extracts, anti-aging ingredients of caffeine and tocopherol acetate, moisturizing ingredients of sodium hyaluronate, whitening factor of sunflower seed oil and barley extract.
Estee lauder multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream has good effect

It has a thick texture but is very easy to absorb. It smells good and has a strong fragrance. After use, the face will be more shiny and not dry.
The above is to introduce the best popular makeup brands and Estee lauder is a European and American makeup brand.I hope to help you.

What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

Popular makeups brands are popular, usually people will choose the best makeups brands, so what do you know about popular cosmetics?

Many people first heard the name of this product has a certain misunderstanding of its efficacy, because not the use of this product you can achieve the perfect plain face, the following small editor will give you a complete introduction to the efficacy and role of The Cream, and teach everyone how to use the cream correctly.

 What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

I. The cream is the effect and the effect

1. The role of the cream whitening: the cream contains titanium dioxide and vitamin C, white medicine, white ginseng and other ingredients, these ingredients can help whiten the skin.
Generally dark-skinned people use plain cream will have a good whitening effect.

2. The role of vegetarian cream moisturizing: the cream contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other substances, so that it has a certain moisturizing effect.
After the general use of the cream, can form a layer of water on the surface of the skin to delay the loss of moisture in the skin.

3. The role of the cream sun protection: the cream contains titanium dioxide is a physical anti-ultraviolet material, can help strengthen the skin against UV rays, reduce sun damage.
However, we should pay attention to the content of titanium dioxide will directly affect its sun protection effect.

4. The effect of the cream narrows the pores: the cream has the effect of visually reducing the pores. The ingredients contained in the cream are natural, applying to the skin can play a soft-focus pore effect, from the visual delicate skin, so that the skin becomes white.
But only for normal for the skin is effective, if it is its own pore thick this condensing effect is very small.

5. The effect of the plain face cream even skin tone “the plain face cream can help to even the skin tone, but also to make the whole face skin white. If it is not equal skin color, with a plain cream can quickly even the skin tone.It can be used when you can focus on the edges of uneven skin tone.

 What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

III.The use steps of the cream
When used, the cream also needs to follow certain steps:

1, thoroughly clean the skin, can directly use face wash to clean the skin thoroughly.

2, basic skin care.
After cleaning the skin, you can use toner, lotion, essence, etc. for basic skin care.

3, take the appropriate amount of plain cream applied evenly to the face, gently massage until absorbed.

4, if you need to make up, you can also use BB or CC cream to achieve better results, the skin will appear more delicate.

III. How to use the cream?

  1. Use the technique description: take out 5 omea-sized cream, respectively, applied to the forehead, nose tip, jaw, cheeks, and then from the inside out, from the bottom up, along the texture of the skin, gently applied evenly, massage to absorption.
  2. Use the right time: plain cream is a daily cream, so pay attention to good time, not suitable to use at night, so as not to bring bad effects to the skin 3. Beauty cream remover method: Plain cream is containing some whitening ingredients, need to remove makeup to clean, especially the kind of makeup belongs to the category, but also need to use special makeup remover products to remove makeup.
    So it is recommended to use a plain cream or wash it again with a milder makeup remover, and then use the face wash for a second cleaning as well.
  3. Beauty cream is age-appropriate: generally under 20 years old skin, is not need to do too much moisturizing maintenance, only do a good job of basic cleaning can be, so it is recommended that after 20 years of age is best 25 years old after the use of cream is better. To learn more about best makeup brands, click here. earlwentz.com

Popular Makeup Brands – Four Helena Eye Creams To Introduce You

As one of the top ten international fashion cosmetics brands, Helena has a good reputation and is liked by most people.
People pay attention to skin maintenance, more and more people will choose to buy the best makeup brands, then, do you know these popular makeup brands?
 Is Herina eye cream good to use? Helena small green tube eye cream is the fairies are most well known, but in fact, Helian not only small green tube eye cream yo, today to introduce to you about Herina’s three eye creams, let’s take a look at it.

Popular Makeup Brands - Four Helena Eye Creams To Introduce You

Helena Rubinstein is a high-end skincare fashion brand owned by L’Oreal, and Hr Ahra Rubinstein is the top luxury beauty brand of the L’Oreal Group, which is part of European and American makeup.

So Helena eye cream also belongs to high-end eye care products, although not so friendly in price, but for the various problems in the eyes, but it is very effective, the following to introduce herlina’s most popular eye cream. Helena Green Bao Bottle Eye Cream is the hottest eye cream from the Herina brand, using a selection of two salt-growing plants, Marine Slug and Sea Holly, which can give the skin twice the activity and increase the skin’s peripheral circulation. Helena Green Bao Bottle Eye Cream also adds caffeine and seven-leaf saponins to reduce eye puffiness and dilute melanin around the eye.

At the same time with Herina green treasure bottle eye cream Zamarco low-temperature zinc alloy massage head design, when used so that the skin around the eye will have a cool feeling, can better stimulate the activity of the skin around the eye, so that the skin around the eye better absorb Herina Green Bao bottle eye cream, to solve the problems such as dry eyes, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and so on. Herina’s design is a new inspiration from the Revolutionary Issues of the Nobel Prize, which extracts the essence of alpine snow-velvet flowers, which can repair damaged capillaries around the eyes, activate the activity of the skin around the eye, promote the circulation of the skin around the eye, and effectively solve problems such as eye bags and relaxation of the eyes.

Popular Makeup Brands - Four Helena Eye Creams To Introduce You

At the same time with Herina to the United States yanHua eye cream unique “eye Pilates” approach, can effectively enhance the skin around the eyes, so that the fine lines around the eyes have nowhere to escape. Hellina Sublimation Eye Cream is an “interventional” eye cream, the first “interventional” skin care product created by Helena and the world-renowned Swiss medical research center LACLINICMONTREUX, i.e. skin-tightening biological intervention from the skin’s middle embryo layer, so that the skin around the eye as long as do daily eye care,

Within four weeks, it can be compared to the medical beauty of the skin technology to achieve the firmness and elasticity, so Herina sublimation eye cream can efficiently solve the problem of skin relaxation, aging and so on. Helena Royal Black Pearl Eye Lip Cream is arguably the top eye lip cream of the Helena brand, using the ingredients of Tahiti Royal Black Pearl “Triple Patent Extract Essence”, activating skin cells from within to strengthen skin defense. In the outer tightpull pull skin, effectively reduce the skin’s irritation, both inside and outside repair to solve the problems of the skin on the lips of the eye.
At the same time with The Hellina Royal Black Pearl Eye Lip Cream matching Zamarco massage pearl bar, and unique massage techniques, can effectively solve the problems of fine eye lines, dark circles, eye bags and other issues, but also can delay the aging of the skin and water shortage dry.

To learn more about popular makeup brands, click here. earlwentz.com

Popular Makeup Brand – Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

As a lot of people like to buy popular makeup brand, people’s first bottle of perfume, I believe we are very familiar with chanel n5. In everyone’s mind, maybe chanel is the best popular makeup brands, its popularity is very high.It belongs to European and American makeup.

The main ingredients in the perfume’s bottle openers are camorro oil tree flowers and grasse orange flowers, which add a sexy softness. The may rose and jasmine blend beautifully, with elegant floral notes that bring out the fragrance’s core. The scent continues its sensuous charm with notes of vanilla and bourbon on the wood notes of sandalwood.

 Popular Makeup Brand - Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

Red, the perfect display of chanel no. 5 perfume series red limited edition unique charm, and echo capelle chanel unique vision of the modern spirit! Red, “is the color of life, is the color of blood,” Ms. Chanel said. Designed in 1921 and revised in 1924, the rectangular transparent glass bottle body, with its simple and clear lines and square bottle cap, has become the style declaration of the interpretation of modern aesthetics. In the nearly a century that followed, the iconic design continued to improve, keeping the right balance between form and proportion. Chanel, the best popular makeup brand, has always said that people like, chanel no. 5 abide by the avant-garde fashion attitude, always standing at the forefront of the trend of The Times.

How can chanel tell the difference

1.Look at packaging

Get CHANEL coco perfume, you can first see its packaging, the top of the box of genuine products has a concave and convex double CLOGO, or in the fragrance of the outer packaging has a concave and convex CHANEL word.
In addition, the front of authentic perfume printed some perfume name and CHANEL logo, touch up, there will be concave and convex feeling; Elsewhere the fine print is clear but not concave. Fakes, on the other hand, have no such effect.

2.Perfume bottles

The glass bottles of genuine perfumes are made with a complicated manufacturing process, and their perfume bottles are difficult to break. A large 50ml bottle of perfume falls on the ground without breaking or even any glass fragments. In addition, you can also see whether the nozzle position is flexible. Authentic chanel coco perfume is generally flexible and leak-free.

3.Liquid sheen

The genuine chanel coco perfume is a clear and transparent liquid without any precipitation. Its color is natural and pure. Even at the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, it does not change color after 24 hours.

There are a few exceptions, such as “joy”, which contains a lot of jasmine essential oil and turns brown even in a sealed bottle. This is because the colour of the perfume becomes thicker as the alcohol evaporates over time.

 Popular Makeup Brand - Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

4.The fragrance

Freshly opened, authentic chanel coco perfume smells of alcohol. After 10 minutes, the fragrance stays on the skin. Popular cosmetics brand chanel does not produce a pungent smell. Fakes, on the other hand, tend to be very strong, even without the layers of pre-flavour, pre-flavour and post-flavour.

To learn more about popular makeup brands, click here.

Popular Makeup Brands – Which Brand’s Skincare Products Hydrate Well

Popular makeup brands are loved by people, especially girls, more and more attention to their own skin problems, usually choose the best popular makeup brand, choose the best makeup brands to be sure of the skin .

“My life is air conditioning” In the summer, this sentence has become a mantra for many people. Home, subway, company, shopping malls, wherever you go have air conditioning. Air-conditioned room is cool, but every day for a long time blowing air-conditioning you, must also encounter such trouble – face skin, makeup do not accept the post, often feel skin tight, etc. , these are in fact the symptoms of lack of water on the face. Do not open air conditioning can not, we can only start from their own, good water, in order to make up for the loss of water from the face.So, what skin care products tonic effect is good? If the basis of hydration moisturizing, these three skin care products you must use.

Popular Makeup Brands - Which Brand's Skincare Products Hydrate Well

What skin care products tonic effect is good – clean moisturizing water mask

The effect of rehydration is the most immediate than the mask. After a full day of air conditioning, the skin is in a state of thirst, back home to lie in bed to apply a mask not only calm the skin, but also to the cell to drink full water, just 20 minutes can make dry skin again return to elasticity, vitality. Spring and summer New Zealand kiwi fruit to clean the water film, select from New Zealand’s exotic fruit, rich in a variety of amino acids and minerals and other aquatic ingredients, like a “mineral water spring” to provide the skin with the water needed, so that the skin is full of water. Spring and summer also added hyaluronic acid and other rehydration components to the membrane fluid, strengthen the moisturizing power of hydration, apply 2-3 times a week, can effectively replenish moisture.Summer can put the mask in the refrigerator refrigerated before applying, more cool and comfortable, water to cool down.

Popular Makeup Brands - Which Brand's Skincare Products Hydrate Well

What skincare tonic effect is good – moisturizing not tight face wash milk Just as moisture doesn’t lose water instantaneously, easing dryness isn’t a one-off thing.

Long-term air-conditioning skin will not only dry, but also hair tight skin red oil. In addition to using the mask to remedy in a timely manner, but also from the source of skin care, to build a healthier skin barrier, a mild moisturizing face wash is essential. Spring and summer South Africa resurrected grass moisturizing face wash, only take away the oil, do not take water.This wash milk contains the essence of South African resuscitation grass ingredients and 15 kinds of amino acids, deep cleaning at the same time can also efficiently replenish water, foam rich and easy to rinse, cleansing fresh and comfortable not tight, do a good job of skin care key first step.

What skincare water supplement sage effect is good – refreshing non-stick moisturizing lotion

Mask can not be used every day, toner water can only open the skin channel can not really rehydrate, cream is too greasy, this time a moisturizing non-sticky emulsion on the scene, the water locked, deep moisturizing. Spring and summer South Africa resurrection grass moisturizing milk, the main rehydration moisturizing, can be 72 hours of long-lasting deep moisturizing. Light emulsion texture, a wipe water is not sticky, after the smooth absorption is very good, for the skin to inject water vitality, moisturizing non-sticky, refreshing not oily. Use a moisturizing lotion in the morning, and stay in an air-conditioned room all day without fear of drying.Long-term use of this moisturizing lotion also helps improve skin, improve skin drought resistance, so that the skin can cope with environmental changes.

Spend most of the summer in air-conditioned rooms, but enjoying the cool must not come at the expense of losing water.
Also for the air-conditioning room caused by dry muscle trouble, do not know what skin care tonic effect good fairy, hasten to understand the popular makeup brands, after reading this quick to start these water-replenishing good things, save your air-conditioning face, peace of mind a beautiful summer.

To learn more about popular makeup brands, click here.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands – Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

Women are increasingly looking for fashion and will like to buy the top ten best makeup brands.

Speaking of red pop makeup lipstick, I think many people will think of Dior’s 999, before also saw some princess esthemdos included in the “” Exquisite girl must enter red “Dior has been two years out of the new 999, counting up, a total of 5 different models, including moisturizing, metal, matte, sandwich and lip glaze version, then, ranked in the world’s top ten best makeup brandsDior lipstick what collection? Does these different 999s make a difference?What’s the difference?

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

Flame blue gold, charm lipstick and lip gloss, the general orange line of comparison is not picky and the daily appearance of the daily, blue gold 532,539; The pink department is also more suitable for students, it seems very pink. But if it is not super white, that kind of purple pink if you can not try color (such as the charm of 479), do not try easily, very pick ymes, painting is not easy to look unhealthy. In addition, the red is too mature and not suitable. I 24, with the blue gold 532, color and durability is good, is a little dry.

It is said that blue gold is not as moist as the charm High-color, satin make-up, Dior Dior’s bright blue gold lipstick long-lasting comfort formula for women to enjoy. The classic red line, the warm coral red, the warm and cheerful pink line, the romantic charm of the fuchsia, and a series of avant-garde colors present siluds.

This new metal case with a new lipstick hidden mystery is uniquely appealing.

1.Dior Moisturizing Edition 999

One of the five strongest glossy ones (the metallic version of the gloss ylee feel is also very good), and the name is more moist, suitable for dry leather sister.The color is a little orange in red, and it’s the most orange in a few.

2.Dior Matte 999

The hottest in the series, many fairy should be the first to hear about this 999.Matte feel is very beautiful, also does not pull dry, than the moisturizing version of the obvious correction red some, durability is also better.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

3.Dior Dior Metal Edition 999

It has a very beautiful metallic sheen, slightly orange.Moisturizing is OK, I’m the one I like most.

4.Dior Dior Grip Edition 999

Personal feeling is the lightest color of the one, when trying to color with a small lip brush once the basic brush can not be colored.The color is closest to the metal 999, but also has a little metallic luster, but not as obvious as the other one.

5.Dior Dior Lip Glaze 999

The most obvious effect of matte fog surface. Color is the most distinguishing than the other four, and the form is the same.

With a little purple tone. Each series has its own characteristics, these popular makeup brands, you can choose according to their favorite, Dior’s lipstick is so charming. Different makeup clothes should be paired with different lipstick, which is why women always feel that their lipstick is not enough. After reading this article, do you want to enter which one?

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands – Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

Shiseido as the top ten best makeup brands, has a great reputation. Many women in the purchase of popular makeup brands are, will choose the world’s top ten best makeup brands.
So, Shiseido lipstick, a popular makeup brands what kind of series?

1.Shiseido Rouge Rouge Red Lipstick

The recently launched Rouge Rouge Red Lipstick showcases the most diverse red tones by combining the 16-tone lipstick with five different shades of red, using its original red-red glow technology.

The use of ultra-excellent moisturizing ingredients, with hyaluronic acid, smooth texture, effective lying for 24 hours for the lips to provide moisture.

2.Shiseido Lip Balm

Shiseido’s soft lipstick is also very good, lipstick itself has no taste, the first time to enable “Ruby Light Technology” added to the perfect lipstick.In the long-term use of the lower lip still feel moisturizing, but also the use of advanced maintenance technology “ultra-lock water moisturizing vitality factor”, can form a layer of high protection film on the lips, play a double moisturizing role, the outer layer for the lips to replenish water, the inner layer more actively lock water powder, so that the lip ministertime to maintain a moisturizing state.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

3.Shiseido porcelain light honey glaze

A lip honey with excellent color rendering, with just one layer, gives the lips a beautiful sensory experience and a lacquered texture. Rich, vibrant, highly color-disfigured, and long-lasting gloss, it also makes the lip surface smoother and improves rough lips. Not only the color display is precise, but also let the lips more rich.Moisturize for hours.

4.CPB fine tube lipstick

The face value of the CPB tube can be said to be full. The temperament is simply… CPB has always been the exquisite route, this fine tube naturally no exception, get the hand was turned over….Really very hydrated, whether it is sales or professional makeup artist’s reputation is very good!

5.CPB Rose Lipstick

CPB when the home lipstick, red all over the river north and south! The face value is not to mention, take in the hand instantly let the temperament to upgrade one level! Three unique texture of lipstick (water satin, silk and fog velvet), each give son-lips rose petals like amazing beauty, soft texture and exquisite color.Rich in precious skin care ingredients, while coloring more luxurious moisturizing lips, bring a touch of light.

6.cpb luxury bright black tube lip glaze

This lip glaze, which was just launched by CPB late last year, is named “The Temptation of Lampicka” and is not only color and gloss, because it contains CPB’s unique skin care ingredients, so moisturizing, repairing dry, rough lips, a dense light-looking light texture, perfectly blended with the lips, and the three-dimensional lip contours are reflected by light.And even shapes and packaging are presented in collaboration with modern artists.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

7.Shiseido MAQUILLAGE Lipstick Shiseido

Heart Machine Spring and Summer Makeup Series new introduction of heart machine star charm lipstick, by the strict selection of 1 30,000 parts 1 formula of high-density beauty pure oil refined, in the lipstick at the same time, the use of lip temperature will be pure oil of beauty, and separated into two layers, first in the most surface of the lip to form a moisturizing film, and use the light color effect to let the lips shine bright saturation color, lightly apply the color of the bright color.

8.MAQUILLAGE Star Charm Stained Lip Glaze

This lip glaze is the heart machine makeup recently launched a new product, paste water sense, good extension. There are 8 color numbers to meet the daily makeup needs.

This lip glaze features dyeing, lip color can be kept all day, even if eating and drinking no problem, no need to make up, like lipstick do not touch the cup and have a long time to hold the need for makeup is very recommended to start.

Senior Don belongs to the Japanese and Korean brands, it is loved by many girls.Senior don lipstick charm endless, after reading this, you want to enter the series of lipstick?

The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands -What Age Is The Product Suitable For Biotherm?

As one of the world’s top ten best makeup brands, Biotherm has a certain influence in the world, such as this popular makeup brand is popular with many people. Biotherm not only made a professional contribution to women’s skin care for 60 years, but also in 1985 completely overturned the “men should not use skin care products” taboo, breakthrough listing of Theo Quan men. Biotherm is the best popular makeup brand, then Biotherm products suitable for what age?Let’s find out.

Biotherm for 20 to 40-year-olds are basically applicable to the age group, 30 to 40 age group of women feedback is better, men’s series recommended 25 years old and above applicable.

The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands -What Age Is The Product Suitable For Biotherm?

Biotherm has many series, recommended according to the individual skin selection, young skin (20-25 years old) can be in accordance with their own skin quality to use some products, dry skin can use mineral spring soft skin series (pink), oily skin can use the net fat balance series (blue), neutral / mixed skin can use mineral spring skin series (green). After investigation, the use of TheoQuan 16,534 people, the most 31 to 40 years old MM said it is good, there are 7159 people, accounting for 43.2%.

The Bio Springs Live Springs Run through series is suitable for the use of over 20 years of age, because the main effect of the Green Live Spring series is to replenish water, suitable for a variety of age difference.

Green Live Springs series for neutral / mixed skin, contains the 7 years of research and development of the crystal – patentMannose moisturizing ganache, breaking through the traditional moisturizing ingredients only play three layers of skin limitations, five layers into the skin, to maintain 48 hours of hydration.

Bio springs to the essence of the dew is suitable for the use of 20 years of age, because the main effect of hot spring to the essence of dew is to moisturize, soothe the skin, but also suitable for a variety of age difference.

Hot spring to the essence of the collection in a bottle of hot spring water element living skin essence, the birth of the best-selling brand classics for several years. First step to the skin base to the best state, so that follow-up care with less effort, perfect skin unlimited activation.

The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands -What Age Is The Product Suitable For Biotherm?

Once used, the skin immediately feel the perfect feel of velvet, just a few days, the skin returns to a new health, clear, smooth, more perfect absorption of skin care nutrients, unlimited progressive balance active in the best state.

The Biotherm Men’s Nourishing Firming Series is suitable for over 30 years of age, and is designed for aging skin, which tightens the skin, reduces fine lines, larvae, and increases skin elasticity. Men’s nourishing tightness series of natural lygins blend biotechnology, injected into the anti-aging energy, effectively tightening the skin, dilution of fine lines, restore the skin’s youthful state, highlighting male charm. Suitable for dry and mature skin for year-round use, especially recommended in winter!