Introduction To The Rankings Of The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands in the World

Popular makeup brands are in increasing demand, buying makeup has become a daily demand for people, especially young girls.
People’s living standards, will choose the best popular makeup brands, the following for you to introduce the top ten best cosmetics brands

1. Lancome, France

Since 1935, France, L’Oreal Group, the world’s high-end cosmetics brand, with the rose known as the brand logo, the lanting fragrance is world famous.

2.Estee Lauder, United States (Estee Lauder)

Founded in 1946 in the United States, the world’s top makeup brand, to skin cream business, anti-decay repair skin care products are well-known

3.Shiseido, Japan (Shiseido)

Shiseido has been committed to the research of beauty and hair, developed a number of innovative products and beauty methods.Today’s Shiseido is not only in Japan, but also loved by many consumers worldwide, and its products have been sold in 85 countries around the world, making it Asia’s first and world-renowned cosmetics group.

Introduction To The Rankings Of The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands in the World

4.Dior, France (Dior)

Mainly engaged in women’s clothing, men’s wear, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children’s clothing and other high-end consumer goods. Following In keeping with Mr. Christian Dior’s vision, “not only to make women more beautiful, but also to make them happier,” Dior Dior Skincare explores the fruits of a double beauty.Once used, instantly blooms the light-sensitive muscles that meet the skincare needs of all women and keep them young and beautiful.

5. Chanel, France (Chanel)

Chanel is a French luxury brand. For Chanel, the birth of every skincare product was a long and accurate journey of research and development. The core ingredient of the luxury refined skin range, the May vanilla fruit PFA extracted from the fresh fruit of May vanilla fruit on the island of Madagascar, has been refined to pure by the special precision fractionation technology, with super re-re-living function, which awakens all the life functions of the skin.

6.Clinique, United States

It was founded in 1968 in New York, USA. The beauty soap, the blue cleansing water and the beauty effect scallion moisturizer are popular with consumers and have become a contemporary fashion icon and a model for the cosmetics industry.In addition to Sprite’s basic care products, Sprite’s dermatologists have developed a variety of other complementary products that clean, clean the cortex and moisturize the skin to suit the needs of different skin types.

7. Japan Sk-II

SK-II was born in Japan and is the perfect crystallization of the use of cutting-edge technology by Japanese skin experts in skin care productdevelopment, and is a popular skincare brand in East and Southeast Asia.SK-II has won over elites from all walks of life, including well-known entertainers, top models and makeup artists, by recreating crystal clear skin.

8.Biotherm, France (Bio Springs)

Biotherm is an upscale skincare brand based in Paris and part of the L’Or?al group.

According to the specific efficacy of different products, Biotherm is targeted to add natural active ingredients, which complement each other and give skin care.

Introduction To The Rankings Of The Top Ten Best Makeup Brands in the World

9.HR (Helena)
Helena Rubinstein is the top luxury beauty brand owned by L’Oreal And one of the founding brands in the modern beauty industryIt’s worth noting that HR Helena is working for the first time with Philippe Simonin, a well-deserved expert in cell electrotherapy, to launch a skin microelectrotherapy solution.

1.Elizabeth Arden, United States (Elizabeth Arden)

Elizabeth Arden is a brand founded in the United States in 1960.
Arden’s product line includes skin care products, makeup, perfumes, etc., and enjoys a high reputation in the beauty industry. Elizabeth Arden’s products not only have elegant, stylish packaging, but also become synonymous with high-tech, not only with the most perfect maintenance, makeup and perfume, but also in nearly a hundred years of history, on behalf of the world’s most beautiful things – traditional and technology, elegant compatible innovation.

Popular Make-up Brand – Luxury Lipstick Is Playing Out In China!

Today, Chanel, Dior and other top ten best makeup brands are competing for China’s high-end lipstick market share. What’s the reason?

Lipstick is considered an entry-level product of the best popular makeup brand, and brands want to experience lipstick Chinese will later buy high-priced products such as luxury handbags. In the world’s largest retail market, makeup is still relatively new, accounting for only a quarter of China’s total beauty cosmetics sales, according to a July 25 article on “Big Thinking: China’s Lipstick War.” This is because Chinese consumers prefer whitening skincare products. But globally, most of the sales of beauty products come from cosmetics. China’s trend is also changing, in part because of the growing popularity of makeup under the influence of online reds.

Popular Make-up Brand - Luxury Lipstick Is Playing Out In China!

Lipstick accounts for about 39% of total cosmetic sales in China in 2018. Chinese consumers are aspiring consumers, eager to live like the rich. That’s because Chinese’s incomehasing has risen sharply over the past decade, and many consumers are optimistic that one day they will one day be in the upper middle class.

In view of this, many popular makeup brands in foreign countries that are positioned as middle-class practical products are marketed in China with high-end images. For the average young Chinese, luxury items such as handbags, which cost thousands of dollars, are too expensive, but they can afford $50 a piece of luxury lipstick.

As they get older, their spending power will upgrade to higher-priced products. In addition, luxury lipstick can also be a “breakwater” to cope with slowing growth – the “lipstick effect”. This is particularly important as China’s economic growth slows.

These factors have spurred luxury brands around the world to launch new lipstick products in China. The newly launched three lipstick products are Ma Yinglong’s eye cream brand Ma Yinglong Babao, Ma Yinglong eight treasure matte velvet lipstick a total of three colors, respectively, the Queen limited shade crimson, ten miles of red makeup fragrance and the first love of the fragrance.

And for this lipstick, netizens are also quipped, a tube export, a tube import, the picture is too beautiful, dare not imagine! How can we win the increasingly competitive “lipstick war” in China?

Some popular makeup brands are taking the following interesting approach. One is the introduction of personality customization in ubiquitous micro-letters, such as engraved names, writing personalized cards and so on. The second is vending machines.

Recently, many lipstick vending machines have sprung up across China, some with video games. The third is to test “virtual lipstick” with virtual reality technology. In some smart beauty stores, customers have been able to complete virtual tests through the “magic mirror”.