Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

Today we talk about popular makeup brands SK-II fairy water bar, is to go to Japan must buy products, must buy, must buy all said have not used SK-II fairy water has not used SK-II, can be seen is how powerful – if over 30, must give yourself the whole fairy water can afford themselves! This product, which is called fairy water by its lovers, is the first product of SK-II, which was born in 1980 and has been 31 years old.

In 31 years, the main formula of “Fairy Water” has never changed, but has maintained the “town treasure position”, the global average every minute there are 2 bottles of “Fairy Water” for sale, can be said to create a myth in the nursing industry! SK-II was founded as a skin care product of the Max Factor Group, founded by Mr. MR. MR. MAX Factor, and Mr. Max Factor continues to improve, innovate and continuously introduce new products.

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

1975: Japanese scientist Yoshii Long and others began research and development of Pitera (SK-II core component);

1980: The Max Factor Group acquired the Pitera formula in the same year and commercialized it, officially offering a product called “Secret Key To Skin” (The Beauty Key);

After the second generation of products on the market, in order to facilitate the public memory changed its name to the abbreviation “SK-II”, after the SK-II brand was acquired by Procter and Gamble, SK-II brand name has also been used to date;

SK-II has won over elites from all walks of life, including well-known entertainers, top models and make-up artists, by recreating crystal clear skin.
The whole bottle contains up to 90.7% of the Pitera essence, from the skin’s fundamental start, to lay a good foundation for the skin, help improve the skin’s natural physiological role, play Pitera’s magical repair power, so that the face problems miraculously fade, the skin becomes more and more detailed.
The experience of three months of fairy water is, usually the face acne closed mouth all no, but also white bright, to the physiological period of the face dark, fairy water can not hold the physiological pox, the heart almost collapsed to no, and in the days without start using fairy water I almost do not care.

Once again express my love for fairy water Three days put my year’s helpless acne print down and concluded that within the economic capacity of the right skin skin care is really the more expensive the better.


1, feel this is suitable for summer;

2, is really can improve the secretion of water oil, so that the skin full;

3, winter with the feeling will be dry, oil skin can also be used;

4, I think, the effect of dressing than the beat is good;

5, skunk smell really not small.

Is SK-II Fairy Water Really Worth Buying?

But still that sentence, I am suitable for you not necessarily suitable for – everyone has money can try. We know that sk2’s most famous ingredient is pitera, can not be synthesized, must be fermented under certain conditions purified products, so there will be such a fermented saliva taste ah, look at her excellent effect on this is not worth one, mention, a bottle of fairy water contains more than 90% of the pitera essence, Official how to say no matter, my personal feeling is to use fairy water, after absorbing things faster, more quality, with whitening essence effect can be doubled, with moisturizing essence is the same truth, for the adjustment of skin color is not uniform, remove the old waste, eliminate small small closed mouth is absolutely the choice of her later to improve the naked eye can be seen
, the delicateness of the skin, the sense of luster, day by day in the improvement!

This best makeup brands is very popular. I hope the above content introduces you to be able to like.

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