Popular Makeup Brand – Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

As a lot of people like to buy popular makeup brand, people’s first bottle of perfume, I believe we are very familiar with chanel n5. In everyone’s mind, maybe chanel is the best popular makeup brands, its popularity is very high.It belongs to European and American makeup.

The main ingredients in the perfume’s bottle openers are camorro oil tree flowers and grasse orange flowers, which add a sexy softness. The may rose and jasmine blend beautifully, with elegant floral notes that bring out the fragrance’s core. The scent continues its sensuous charm with notes of vanilla and bourbon on the wood notes of sandalwood.

 Popular Makeup Brand - Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

Red, the perfect display of chanel no. 5 perfume series red limited edition unique charm, and echo capelle chanel unique vision of the modern spirit! Red, “is the color of life, is the color of blood,” Ms. Chanel said. Designed in 1921 and revised in 1924, the rectangular transparent glass bottle body, with its simple and clear lines and square bottle cap, has become the style declaration of the interpretation of modern aesthetics. In the nearly a century that followed, the iconic design continued to improve, keeping the right balance between form and proportion. Chanel, the best popular makeup brand, has always said that people like, chanel no. 5 abide by the avant-garde fashion attitude, always standing at the forefront of the trend of The Times.

How can chanel tell the difference

1.Look at packaging

Get CHANEL coco perfume, you can first see its packaging, the top of the box of genuine products has a concave and convex double CLOGO, or in the fragrance of the outer packaging has a concave and convex CHANEL word.
In addition, the front of authentic perfume printed some perfume name and CHANEL logo, touch up, there will be concave and convex feeling; Elsewhere the fine print is clear but not concave. Fakes, on the other hand, have no such effect.

2.Perfume bottles

The glass bottles of genuine perfumes are made with a complicated manufacturing process, and their perfume bottles are difficult to break. A large 50ml bottle of perfume falls on the ground without breaking or even any glass fragments. In addition, you can also see whether the nozzle position is flexible. Authentic chanel coco perfume is generally flexible and leak-free.

3.Liquid sheen

The genuine chanel coco perfume is a clear and transparent liquid without any precipitation. Its color is natural and pure. Even at the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, it does not change color after 24 hours.

There are a few exceptions, such as “joy”, which contains a lot of jasmine essential oil and turns brown even in a sealed bottle. This is because the colour of the perfume becomes thicker as the alcohol evaporates over time.

 Popular Makeup Brand - Chanel Related Introduction, And How To Distinguish Between True And False?

4.The fragrance

Freshly opened, authentic chanel coco perfume smells of alcohol. After 10 minutes, the fragrance stays on the skin. Popular cosmetics brand chanel does not produce a pungent smell. Fakes, on the other hand, tend to be very strong, even without the layers of pre-flavour, pre-flavour and post-flavour.

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