Top Ten Best Makeup Brands – Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

Women are increasingly looking for fashion and will like to buy the top ten best makeup brands.

Speaking of red pop makeup lipstick, I think many people will think of Dior’s 999, before also saw some princess esthemdos included in the “” Exquisite girl must enter red “Dior has been two years out of the new 999, counting up, a total of 5 different models, including moisturizing, metal, matte, sandwich and lip glaze version, then, ranked in the world’s top ten best makeup brandsDior lipstick what collection? Does these different 999s make a difference?What’s the difference?

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

Flame blue gold, charm lipstick and lip gloss, the general orange line of comparison is not picky and the daily appearance of the daily, blue gold 532,539; The pink department is also more suitable for students, it seems very pink. But if it is not super white, that kind of purple pink if you can not try color (such as the charm of 479), do not try easily, very pick ymes, painting is not easy to look unhealthy. In addition, the red is too mature and not suitable. I 24, with the blue gold 532, color and durability is good, is a little dry.

It is said that blue gold is not as moist as the charm High-color, satin make-up, Dior Dior’s bright blue gold lipstick long-lasting comfort formula for women to enjoy. The classic red line, the warm coral red, the warm and cheerful pink line, the romantic charm of the fuchsia, and a series of avant-garde colors present siluds.

This new metal case with a new lipstick hidden mystery is uniquely appealing.

1.Dior Moisturizing Edition 999

One of the five strongest glossy ones (the metallic version of the gloss ylee feel is also very good), and the name is more moist, suitable for dry leather sister.The color is a little orange in red, and it’s the most orange in a few.

2.Dior Matte 999

The hottest in the series, many fairy should be the first to hear about this 999.Matte feel is very beautiful, also does not pull dry, than the moisturizing version of the obvious correction red some, durability is also better.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Dior Lipstick Different Series Introduction

3.Dior Dior Metal Edition 999

It has a very beautiful metallic sheen, slightly orange.Moisturizing is OK, I’m the one I like most.

4.Dior Dior Grip Edition 999

Personal feeling is the lightest color of the one, when trying to color with a small lip brush once the basic brush can not be colored.The color is closest to the metal 999, but also has a little metallic luster, but not as obvious as the other one.

5.Dior Dior Lip Glaze 999

The most obvious effect of matte fog surface. Color is the most distinguishing than the other four, and the form is the same.

With a little purple tone. Each series has its own characteristics, these popular makeup brands, you can choose according to their favorite, Dior’s lipstick is so charming. Different makeup clothes should be paired with different lipstick, which is why women always feel that their lipstick is not enough. After reading this article, do you want to enter which one?