What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

Popular makeups brands are popular, usually people will choose the best makeups brands, so what do you know about popular cosmetics?

Many people first heard the name of this product has a certain misunderstanding of its efficacy, because not the use of this product you can achieve the perfect plain face, the following small editor will give you a complete introduction to the efficacy and role of The Cream, and teach everyone how to use the cream correctly.

 What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

I. The cream is the effect and the effect

1. The role of the cream whitening: the cream contains titanium dioxide and vitamin C, white medicine, white ginseng and other ingredients, these ingredients can help whiten the skin.
Generally dark-skinned people use plain cream will have a good whitening effect.

2. The role of vegetarian cream moisturizing: the cream contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other substances, so that it has a certain moisturizing effect.
After the general use of the cream, can form a layer of water on the surface of the skin to delay the loss of moisture in the skin.

3. The role of the cream sun protection: the cream contains titanium dioxide is a physical anti-ultraviolet material, can help strengthen the skin against UV rays, reduce sun damage.
However, we should pay attention to the content of titanium dioxide will directly affect its sun protection effect.

4. The effect of the cream narrows the pores: the cream has the effect of visually reducing the pores. The ingredients contained in the cream are natural, applying to the skin can play a soft-focus pore effect, from the visual delicate skin, so that the skin becomes white.
But only for normal for the skin is effective, if it is its own pore thick this condensing effect is very small.

5. The effect of the plain face cream even skin tone “the plain face cream can help to even the skin tone, but also to make the whole face skin white. If it is not equal skin color, with a plain cream can quickly even the skin tone.It can be used when you can focus on the edges of uneven skin tone.

 What Are The Effects Of Plain Cream?

III.The use steps of the cream
When used, the cream also needs to follow certain steps:

1, thoroughly clean the skin, can directly use face wash to clean the skin thoroughly.

2, basic skin care.
After cleaning the skin, you can use toner, lotion, essence, etc. for basic skin care.

3, take the appropriate amount of plain cream applied evenly to the face, gently massage until absorbed.

4, if you need to make up, you can also use BB or CC cream to achieve better results, the skin will appear more delicate.

III. How to use the cream?

  1. Use the technique description: take out 5 omea-sized cream, respectively, applied to the forehead, nose tip, jaw, cheeks, and then from the inside out, from the bottom up, along the texture of the skin, gently applied evenly, massage to absorption.
  2. Use the right time: plain cream is a daily cream, so pay attention to good time, not suitable to use at night, so as not to bring bad effects to the skin 3. Beauty cream remover method: Plain cream is containing some whitening ingredients, need to remove makeup to clean, especially the kind of makeup belongs to the category, but also need to use special makeup remover products to remove makeup.
    So it is recommended to use a plain cream or wash it again with a milder makeup remover, and then use the face wash for a second cleaning as well.
  3. Beauty cream is age-appropriate: generally under 20 years old skin, is not need to do too much moisturizing maintenance, only do a good job of basic cleaning can be, so it is recommended that after 20 years of age is best 25 years old after the use of cream is better. To learn more about best makeup brands, click here. earlwentz.com