Introduction Of Popular Makeup Brand – Estee Lauder Face Cream

With the pursuit of beauty, people like to pay much attention to buying popular makeup brands, and the best popular makeup brands are strongly supported by people.
Estee lauder face cream this kind of popular makeup brands are divided into several series for different functions, there are freckle-whitening, firming anti-aging and other products, so which is good estee lauder face cream?

Introduction Of Popular Makeup brand - estee lauder face cream

Estee lauder face cream which is good

  1. The first one is estee lauder’s whitening and light-spot cream. The main effect of this cream is clear, whitening and light-spot. I have sunburn on my cheeks. After using this cream, I feel my face is white and the spots are light. I can say the effect is good. I like the flavor of this one very much. It is light gardenia flowers.
  2. The second is the classic red pomegranate cream. This cream is designed to remove the yellow color and smell good. After all, it was the first red pomegranate face cream.
  3. The third one is the multi-effect jiyan essence cream, which has been popular for a long time. Its main function is restoration. I usually use it to repair my skin after sun exposure. The effect was immediate. It’s super hydrating.

In a word, the above three are not bad, you can choose the most suitable for yourself according to the efficacy you need.

Estee lauder cream multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream is the best. Estee lauder is divided into seven series, in addition to the star little brown bottle, other each series has a corresponding creams, and estee lauder’s new multi-effect ara essence nourishing cream is before multi-effect ara cream upgrade, so also is a total of seven kinds of creams, recognizing the estee lauder multi-effect ara essence nourishing cream, estee lauder elastic tight smooth soft skin frost, estee lauder, youth anti-wrinkle moist frost, elegant shi landai multi-effect ara essence cream, estee LanDaiJing through this white light spot lip cream, estee lauder, supple moisturizers and estee lauder fresh bright night cream.

Introduction Of Popular Makeup brand - estee lauder face cream

Estee lauder multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream has good ingredients.

Estee lauder multi-effect chi yan moisturizing cream contains whey protein, ergothiogen and cucumber extracts, anti-aging ingredients of caffeine and tocopherol acetate, moisturizing ingredients of sodium hyaluronate, whitening factor of sunflower seed oil and barley extract.
Estee lauder multi-effect zhiyan essence nourishing cream has good effect

It has a thick texture but is very easy to absorb. It smells good and has a strong fragrance. After use, the face will be more shiny and not dry.
The above is to introduce the best popular makeup brands and Estee lauder is a European and American makeup brand.I hope to help you.