Popular Makeup Brands – Knowledge Of The Yue poetry Powder

Yue poetry is a Japanese and Korean makeup, this popular makeup brands in the effect is very good, very popular with girls. So what do you know about this popular makeup brands?
Yue poetry wind powder is also very famous, the following small editor to introduce to you this best makeup brands related knowledge.

Popular Makeup Brands  - Knowledge Of The Pleasure Style Powder

I. Introduction of various color features of Yue poetry wind powder:

1, green:

Mint powder texture white transparent, face without any color, no concealing, oil-controlled makeup, makeup-sensitive matte, usually wipe a bb cream will use this loose powder.

2, white-bottomed pink:

There is brightening function, decorated dull, powder slightly pink with pearl, no concealer, bright skin tone, makeup sense matte in the light, I usually do not like matte powder, but some pearllight powder special light is very false, this pearllight hit up very natural.There are two other powders that correct skin tone, green powder is decorated red, purple powder is decorated yellow.

3, white background green:

Concealing function of loose powder, powder is meat-colored, face has a certain concealer, but sisters do not expect to use loose powder these can cover what, there are blemishes or rely on foundation and professional concealer, make-up matte, this general use is relatively small.

4, purple:

Decorated yellow, purple powder suitable for yellowing, dark people use, after painting will appear white skin some, look better.When there are dark circles, you can also brush the eye area, which can effectively dilute the dark circles.

Popular Makeup Brands  - Knowledge Of The Pleasure Style Powder

II. Powder selection tips:

Powder is usually used at the last step of make-up to adjust your skin tone by choosing the color that suits you.

Choosing the right color will make your skin look more permeable, and makeup to look more refined or very good. Purple powder is more suitable for the decoration of yellowing skin state, for the skin is more yellow students or very friendly.

Sweet orange smodel is more suitable for decorating dull and glossy skin, after the use of skin immediately through a lot of become shiny up. Green powder is suitable for people with red blood skin red to use, can be a good cover for red blood silk and acne skin has inflammatory problems in the population.
The porous powder texture design does not easily condense sweat, but also can achieve an effective oil control to converge the skin effect, help us to create a dry and light makeup.

The above is a small editor to introduce to you the various color features of the poetry wind powder introduction and powder selection skills, I hope the above Nell content for you to buy the best popular makeup brands can help. earlwentz.com