Top Ten Best Makeup Brands – Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

Shiseido as the top ten best makeup brands, has a great reputation. Many women in the purchase of popular makeup brands are, will choose the world’s top ten best makeup brands.
So, Shiseido lipstick, a popular makeup brands what kind of series?

1.Shiseido Rouge Rouge Red Lipstick

The recently launched Rouge Rouge Red Lipstick showcases the most diverse red tones by combining the 16-tone lipstick with five different shades of red, using its original red-red glow technology.

The use of ultra-excellent moisturizing ingredients, with hyaluronic acid, smooth texture, effective lying for 24 hours for the lips to provide moisture.

2.Shiseido Lip Balm

Shiseido’s soft lipstick is also very good, lipstick itself has no taste, the first time to enable “Ruby Light Technology” added to the perfect lipstick.In the long-term use of the lower lip still feel moisturizing, but also the use of advanced maintenance technology “ultra-lock water moisturizing vitality factor”, can form a layer of high protection film on the lips, play a double moisturizing role, the outer layer for the lips to replenish water, the inner layer more actively lock water powder, so that the lip ministertime to maintain a moisturizing state.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

3.Shiseido porcelain light honey glaze

A lip honey with excellent color rendering, with just one layer, gives the lips a beautiful sensory experience and a lacquered texture. Rich, vibrant, highly color-disfigured, and long-lasting gloss, it also makes the lip surface smoother and improves rough lips. Not only the color display is precise, but also let the lips more rich.Moisturize for hours.

4.CPB fine tube lipstick

The face value of the CPB tube can be said to be full. The temperament is simply… CPB has always been the exquisite route, this fine tube naturally no exception, get the hand was turned over….Really very hydrated, whether it is sales or professional makeup artist’s reputation is very good!

5.CPB Rose Lipstick

CPB when the home lipstick, red all over the river north and south! The face value is not to mention, take in the hand instantly let the temperament to upgrade one level! Three unique texture of lipstick (water satin, silk and fog velvet), each give son-lips rose petals like amazing beauty, soft texture and exquisite color.Rich in precious skin care ingredients, while coloring more luxurious moisturizing lips, bring a touch of light.

6.cpb luxury bright black tube lip glaze

This lip glaze, which was just launched by CPB late last year, is named “The Temptation of Lampicka” and is not only color and gloss, because it contains CPB’s unique skin care ingredients, so moisturizing, repairing dry, rough lips, a dense light-looking light texture, perfectly blended with the lips, and the three-dimensional lip contours are reflected by light.And even shapes and packaging are presented in collaboration with modern artists.

Top Ten Best Makeup Brands - Introduction To The Series Of Senior Shiseido Lipsticks

7.Shiseido MAQUILLAGE Lipstick Shiseido

Heart Machine Spring and Summer Makeup Series new introduction of heart machine star charm lipstick, by the strict selection of 1 30,000 parts 1 formula of high-density beauty pure oil refined, in the lipstick at the same time, the use of lip temperature will be pure oil of beauty, and separated into two layers, first in the most surface of the lip to form a moisturizing film, and use the light color effect to let the lips shine bright saturation color, lightly apply the color of the bright color.

8.MAQUILLAGE Star Charm Stained Lip Glaze

This lip glaze is the heart machine makeup recently launched a new product, paste water sense, good extension. There are 8 color numbers to meet the daily makeup needs.

This lip glaze features dyeing, lip color can be kept all day, even if eating and drinking no problem, no need to make up, like lipstick do not touch the cup and have a long time to hold the need for makeup is very recommended to start.

Senior Don belongs to the Japanese and Korean brands, it is loved by many girls.Senior don lipstick charm endless, after reading this, you want to enter the series of lipstick?

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